What’s your ‘end game?’

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What’s your ‘end game?’

What’s your end game?…

The end game is a purpose. Without a purpose we cannot build a worthwhile service.

On reflection there are two types: tactical or philosophical. Each has a time and a place within a business/service.

To stay within one purpose is poor judgement. The tactical route is short-term, by passing ‘the bigger picture’  and produces realistic short-term deadlines.  There are times when this fits within a business/service. The philosophical route has an underpinning of beliefs and principals, a long-term vision with sustainable growth.

Too many businesses/services manage to short-term optics rather than long-term values and much of this stems from the rush to raise capital too early or maximise short-term returns. As a business/service we have gone in on many occasion and rectified unethical contractors works due to their short-term returns strategy; ie: quick money, poor service. We pride ourselves on our long-term philosophical strategies which provide a better service for our customers/clients and our employees.

Our ‘end game’ is to provide secure jobs with healthy economical and social wellbeing and for our customers/clients safe, quality workmanship at affordable, attainable prices.

Our business planning is predominantly philosophical and has seen us stay active through the recession when construction was hit severely. We work on an open and honest basis and we have confidence in our ‘end game’.


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